Foster Care First-aid Courses in Oakland and Berkeley

Upcoming First-aid Classes for Foster Care

Berkeley CPR class for Foster Care

Berkeley First-aid Class for Foster Care

Berkeley CPR & First-aid Class for Foster Care

Foster Care First-aid Classes
Program #0204-DC
2076 University Ave, Ste. B
Berkeley, CA 94704

If you are a foster care parent living in Berkeley, Oakland, or anywhere in Alameda County, you must have current CPR & First-aid certification. The American Heart Association in Berkeley offers official CPR and First-aid training classes to the public. Students do not have to pay for the training until the day of the class, and all students will receive their CPR and First-aid card for foster care after the course.

First-aid and CPR classes for Oakland Foster Care

CPR and First-aid certification classes for Oakland and Berkeley foster care parents.