CPR and First-aid Classes for Nannies in Oakland and Berkeley

Berkeley Pediatric CPR Class

Berkeley First-aid Class

Berkeley  CPR & First-aid Class

CPR & First-aid Classes for Nannies
Program #0204-DC

Are you nanny working in Berkeley or Oakland? Are you currently certified in CPR and First-aid. If not you should attend an American Heart Association CPR and First-aid class to be prepared. If you are a parent and have a nanny taking care of your children, you have to make sure they are currently training in CPR and First-aid. If an accident happens, you want to make sure that your child’s life can be saved. The response time for an ambulance in Berkeley or Oakland is over ten minutes. If your child or infant stops breathing, and you did not perform CPR, their brain would die due to lack of oxygen by the time the ambulance arrived on the scene. Be prepared. Learn CPR and First-aid before it is too late.

Nannies in Oakland should be CPR and First-aid training

CPR & First-aid training for Oakland and Berkeley Nannies