CPR Training Classes for Parents in Berkeley & Oakland

Infant & Child CPR Classes for Berkeley Parents

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Infant & Child CPR Class in Berkeley

Pediatric First-aid Class in Berkeley

Combined Infant and Child CPR & First-aid Class in Berkeley

Infant & Child CPR Classes in Berkeley

Are you a parent living in Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond, or Alameda County? If so, you should take an American Heart Association CPR and First-aid training class. The CPR class covers CPR for all ages including adults, children and infants, & what to do if you child or infant is choking. This class could save your child’s life. I also highly recommend taking the First-aid training class. The first-aid course involves learning how to save someone who is burned or bledding, how to respond to allergic reactions, poisoning, snake bites, and many other accidents.

Infant and Child CPR Training

Infant & Child CPR Classes for Parents in Berkeley & Oakland