CPR Certification for Berkeley & Oakland Teachers

American Heart Association CPR & First-aid Certified Classes

Upcoming CPR classes in Berkeley: 

Adult, Child, Infant CPR class for Teachers

First-aid Class for Teachers

Adult, Child, Infant CPR & First-aid Class for Teachers

CPR for Clear Credentials in Berkeley/Oakland

The state of California requires teachers to have American Heart Association CPR certification as part of their clear credentials. Berkeley CPR Classes teaches Adult, Child, and Infant CPR classes and the certification card is valid for 2 years. You have to be careful, since many teachers go to the American Red Cross for their CPR certification and then take a CPR class which does not cover all the age groups. That class with the ARC is not valid for CA teachers. Also the American Red Cross CPR card is only valid for one year. If you are teacher and need your clear credential, I recommend you take the American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR class which covers all the age groups, is accepted for your license, and the CPR certification card is valid for 2 years. You will receive your AHA CPR card on the day of the class. See above for the upcoming classes in Berkeley which is very close to Oakland. The Berkeley Bart station is only 1 block away from our CPR classroom.

CPR and First-aid class for Oakland teachers

CPR & First-aid Certification for Berkeley and Oakland clear credentials for teachers.