CPR Certification in Berkeley, Oakland, and Alameda County

Do you need your CPR certification card for work and you live in Alameda County? The American Heart Association provides official CPR certification classes to the public on 2076 University Ave in Berkeley, California. When you are looking to get your CPR certification card, you have to be careful since there are a lot of scams on the internet for unauthorized and non certified classes. Safety Training Seminars is an official American Heart Association Training Site, so you will receive your AHA CPR certification card on the day of the class. Other companies must process the cards which can take 2-4 weeks until you receive your certification.

There are two levels for American Heart Association CPR Certification: Medical Field or Non Medical Field

CPR Training for those in the Medical or Health Care Field

CPR Certification Class in Berkeley, CA

CPR Certification by the American Heart Association




CPR Certification in Berkeley, CA








CPR Training for those who are not in the Medical or Health Care Field

CPR Certification Classes in Alameda County

CPR Certification Training in Berkeley



CPR Certification in Berkeley, CA