CPR Classes in Berkeley and Oakland

Upcoming CPR Classes:

Berkeley CPR Class for Medical Professionals: BLS for the Healthcare Providers: nurses, doctors, dentists, EMTs

CPR Class for Childcare or General Public: Heartsaver CPR/AED (Adult, child, infant CPR)

The American Heart Association provides CPR classes in Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond in the county of Alameda. If you are looking to take a CPR class since your card has expired or if you are taking the class for the very first time, I recommend trying out Berkeley CPR Classes. There are a few good reasons why thousands of people choose to take their training in Berkeley each year. We do not ask for prepayment before your CPR class. Other CPR companies ask you to pay for the class ahead of time and if you miss your training, you have to pay for the class all over again. We understand people get busy, you get called into work at the last minute, you forget about the course, you could get sick and cannot attend. At Berkeley CPR Classes, you only pay for the CPR class if you attend. Also, our CPR classes are located on University Ave. which is only one block away from the Downtown Berkeley BART station. We hope to see you in one of our CPR classes soon.

Berkeley and Oakland CPR Classes

CPR Classes in Berkeley, CA - only 1 block from BART