EMSA Courses for Alameda County Child Care Providers

Pediatric First-aid EMSA Classes in Alameda County

State law requires all child care providers in day care centers, and family child care homes to posses 15 hours of training by taking two courses:

Pediatric First-aid CPR Class – 8 hours
Health and Safety  – 8 hours

EMSA Warning to Alameda County Child Care Providers

EMSA – Childcare Division has issued a warning of unauthorized classes being offered in the county of Alameda and throughout the Bay Area. If you take an unauthorized course, you would be responsible for taking the course again and paying for the course again.

How to Double Check if a CPR Company is EMSA Certified

1. Check length of class.
If a company is offering the pediatric CPR & First-aid class in less than 8 hours, it is a scam. It does not matter if you are renewing or if the class is your first time. State law requires the CPR and First-aid to be 8 hours long.

2. Check with EMSA
You can view if a company has a current license with EMSA, by clicking here. Safety Training Seminars is listed and our license number is 0204-DC.

3. Certification card
We will issue the official EMSA approved certification card on the day of the class. There are many CPR companies that mail the card out to students, which can take up to 2-3 weeks for you to receive.

Call us if you have any questions about the EMSA courses. 510-225-6216

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