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Our Berkeley CPR classroom is located only a few miles from Oakland. We can teach CPR classes in Oakland at your companies location or we offer a CPR classroom in Berkeley which is only one block away from the BART station.

Oakland is a dynamic city full of secret charms and perfect weather. But it gets bad press due to its crime rate and tends to get lost in San Francisco’s glamorous shadow. Oakland offers all the urban benefits of San Francisco in a friendlier, sunnier, more affordable city. Plus there’s ample parking. If you’re open to exploring the East Bay, you’ll discover Oakland’s secret—it’s full of charming neighborhoods. Most neighborhoods offer NERT training which stands for Neighborhood Emergency Response Team. You can learn CPR, First-aid, earthquake preparedness and other safety training classes.

One of Oakland’s most appealing walking destinations is Piedmont Avenue. Along the avenue’s narrow sidewalks is a shopper’s bounty of home-décor boutiques, gift stores, and antique markets. Readers happily browse at Issues for international magazines and homemade zines, as well as imported records. Further down the street, Spectator Books carries a large selection of discount art books. Movie buffs gather daily at the Piedmont Cinema for foreign and independent films.

The city’s oldest yoga studio is here, as well as a full-service spa offering hot tubs and therapeutic massage. The food selection along the avenue is immense, featuring upscale gourmet, French takeout, fish tacos, Italian deli, Japanese noodles, a tea bar, and Fenton’s Creamery—a family-run ice cream parlor since 1894.

Perched at the end of the street, the Frederick Law Olmstead-designed Mountain View Cemetery invites you to hike up a hillside for stunning vistas of San Francisco and the Bay. Monuments commissioned by Masons are replicas of the ancient Egyptian pyramids. The adjacent Chapel of the Chimes Columbarium, designed by Julia Morgan, is well worth a tour through its labyrinth of hallways and skylight-lit gardens.

For a family outing, try Rockridge in Northern Oakland. This neighborhood is full of colorful 100-year-old cottages and flower gardens. Frog Park near Claremont Avenue resides alongside Temescal Creek and features a giant sandbox, swings, and wooden play structures that will wear kids out in a good way. In the summer, the creek doubles as a wading pool.

When hunger strikes, College Avenue is teeming with delicious choices, including fresh Mexican, upscale Chinese, dinner and dessert crepes, deep-dish Chicago-style pizza, Indian, and coffee-house fare. Bustling Market Hall on the corner of College and Shafter is a European-style marketplace with fresh pasta, meat, fish and produce, plus a wine shop and gourmet bakery. If the kids have been good, treat them to a visit at the Claremont Diner. Its old-fashioned booths and menu are typically all-American. What makes it unique is the model train that runs overhead on a clear platform. The kids will love it.

Families with young children should visit Rockridge Kids toy store. They only carry the highest quality, imaginative toys and the service is personable. For readers, Diesel and Pendragon book stores are worth a stop. Both have ample children’s sections and Pendragon carries used books as well. College Avenue pleases the adult side of shopping with stylish antique stores, funky clothing boutiques, and old-fashioned priced-right thrift stores. If you do have small children, it is important to learn CPR and First-aid. The American Heart Association in Oakland provides these training classes.

Hungry adults should head over to the nearby Temescal neighborhood, which has experienced a restaurant boom in the past ten years. One of Oakland’s oldest neighborhoods, Temescal has long enjoyed the benefits of Italian deli and Ethiopian fare. Now an entire new set of restaurants have arrived. Bakesale Betty’s is internationally famous for their scones, strawberry shortcake and tremendous pork and chicken sandwiches. The line goes down the street at lunchtime so arrive early.

Lanesplitter Pizza and Pub offers extremely affordable thin slices, salads and brews. Pizziaolio’s 750-degree oven ramps up the gourmet pizza factor with innovative ingredients such as fresh nettles and morel mushrooms. Restaurante Doña Tomas offers pricey yet deliciously innovative Mexican food for a special night out. Further down toward 40th Street is an impromptu Korea Town with traditional tofu houses, as well as Japanese restaurants.

Families with kids will like Temescal too. It’s Your Move is a family-owned game emporium that features Scrabble and role-playing game-nights. The owners will demonstrate games and let kids try them out. Little ones have their own area for tumbling at SadieDey’s Café, while parents sip coffee and partake in polite conversation over baked goods. The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse store offers thousands of ever-changing recycled items for educators, crafts people and parents who need “stuff” for projects. Popsicle sticks, baby-food jars, reams of paper, furniture, sewing supplies—if it once had a life, it can be resold here at a reasonable price.

Tiny ones can play at Hardy Park, a playground built for kids under five. In the summer, Temescal Creek runs for wading and rock skipping. If you’re visiting on a Sunday, the Temescal Farmer’s Market is open year round, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and is set in the only DMV parking lot that features giant Redwoods.

Surrounded by hills with numerous hiking trails, and stunning views of San Francisco and the Bay, Oakland is the hidden gem of the Bay Area. And its distinctive neighborhoods, like Piedmont Avenue, Rockridge and Temescal, are worth the expedition.

Safety Training Seminars opened a new CPR Certification office in Berkeley, California and they look forward to providing American Heart Association CPR, ACLS, PALS, First-aid, and BLS cpr classes in Alameda County.

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