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In the past year there have been headlines about teens saving fellow athletes just days after participating in CPR and first-aid training.  In fact, teens in El Cerrito, CA are an essential target audience for teaching vital first-aid and CPR skills.  Increasingly independent and mobile, they need instruction to raise their awareness about life-threatening issues and also to give them the informational tools they need–tools that could help them to save someone’s life.

Teaching First-Aid to Teens
While school curriculums provide basic health instruction, these classes may touch on some first-aid, but are not as comprehensive as a First-Aid course in Berkeley designed with first-aid and CPR as the main focus.  Teens should seek out coursework available in near El Cerrito, CA.

Teens need basic first aid skills to complement all the activities they do.  They play sports for school and at local playgrounds where adult supervision may not be present.  They go on camping trips or attend parties without supervision.  Many teens babysit younger children and even infants.  First-Aid instruction, therefore, is vital for this demographic.  Moreover, by encouraging them to obtain this knowledge at a young age, instructors in Berkeley, CA can instill the value and importance of continued training and the importance of renewing First-Aid certifications near El Cerrito,CA.

Lifesaving Teens
Some teens are learning CPR skills in their schools.  For example, the American Heart Association has designed a CPR in Schools Training Kit that contains the materials an instructor needs to teach ten students CPR at a time.  So, for teaching the volleyball team or Football squad CPR, a few kits could be procured for the job.  The kits can be reused so each one has the potential to teach hundreds of kids CPR skills.

According to the American Heart Association’s website, “any adult or student leader can facilitate the 30-minute CPR session”.  Some states now require CPR training to be a graduation requirement.  Even if your state does not mandate teenage CPR or first-aid training, it’s a service that more schools should consider as it benefits students for life as well as their families and communities.

First-Aid Skills for Teens
First-Aid training in Berkeley, CA,  gives teens an awareness of safety issues that affect their demographic.  They often find themselves in situations, for instance, where underage drinking may be occurring or even illicit drug use.  First aid instruction can be tailored to provide information that allows teens to better cope with these situations.  What do they do if their friend passes out from too much drinking?  How might they help someone experiencing a seizure before emergency services can show up?

Teens have the capability to perform first-aid.  On the cusp of adulthood, teens will learn vital skills that they may need to help a friend but in a few years, these same skills may help them save their own child or a parent or grandparent.  If you have a teen, encourage them to get instruction for basic first-aid and CPR.