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EMSA Health and Safety Certification in the Bay Area

What is EMSA Health and Safety?

The EMSA Health & Safety is a 7 hours course and it is approved by Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) for child care providers in San Francisco as part of Title 22/AB243.

This class covers the following topics: asthma and nebulizer training, infectious disease control, bloodborne pathogens, childhood injuries, childhood diseases, and much more.

Who should take this class?Childcare EMSA Certification

If you own a Family Day Care and/or are a Child Care Provider, then you should take this class.

How can I make sure this is not a scam and i will get the right certificate?

The California EMSA has posted a warning that some companies in the Bay Area are teaching this course who are not certified. Safety Training Seminars is listed on the EMSA’s official website of approved vendors for this class.

How can I register?

We offer this class every 2 to 3 months in our San Francisco Location. You can get more information and register here:

When I will get my EMSA Health and Safety Certificate card and sticker? 

After successful completion, students will receive the official EMSA Health & Safety certification along with the required EMSA sticker.


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